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  • senior citizen
    Proposed housing rules could raise rent for low-income, elderly
    Low-income, subsidized renters may have to pay higher rent, beginning sometime this year, if proposed changes to federal income and housing legislation is signed into law.
  • Bill French and Yoneo Ono, mid 90s
    RCAC seeks Yoneo Ono Award nominees
    RCAC seeks nominations for the Yoneo Ono Rural Volunteer Award. The award honors rural people who have made significant lifelong contributions to their community in volunteer capacities. RCAC hopes to encourage further rural volunteer activities by acknowledging the accomplishments of a select few.


  • Network News February 2018

    West Sacramento, Calif. - In the quarter ending Dec. 31, 2017, Rural Community Assistance Corporation (RCAC) closed 25 loans totaling more than $19 million to assist rural communities in Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.

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  • Network News January 2018

    Kunia, Hawaii – Gov. David Ige can recall spending youthful summers working at the cannery near the once sprawling Del Monte pineapple plantation in Kunia on the island of Oahu. The school bus he rode every day passed Kunia, and when he and his classmates saw a flashing yellow light there, they knew they were close to home.

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  • Self-Help Builder Dec. 2017

    HYRUM – After nearly 25,000 hours of blood, sweat and tears, 10 families slept in their new Hyrum homes on Thursday night after celebrating the completion of the city's first mutual self-help housing community.

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Recent News

  • Self-Help Builder March 2018

    Keola and Rena Kiyuna came to the Hawaii Island Community Development Corporation (HICDC) in 2003 after seeing an ad in the paper for an upcoming project. Rena had also learned at that time that a co-worker had built her home through HICDC and the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s self-help program

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  • Posted in: Policy Update

    Policy update

    I was in DC last week to talk with Congressional staff about the FY18 and FY19 budgets. It is a crazy time right now. Congress is trying to finish the FY18 continuing resolution, which will take us to this fiscal year end, and to figure out where to add the $60 billion in budget authority just approved in the last continuing resolution.

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  • Posted in: Dear Sher, Featured News

    Dear Sher

    I know the U.S. Department of Agriculture – Rural Development office I work with has a long processing waitlist for 502 Direct applications and I’m concerned my packaged loans will stale before loan officers can even get to them. How do I turn in a packaged loan and ensure the documents are still good?

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