June is National Homeownership Month

June 18, 2019 | Volume 12, Issue 3

A self-help participant’s success story

After living in Grand County, Utah for three years, my family and I made the official move to Moab, Utah in 2015. Now, it was a great challenge. We took weeks, actually months, trying to secure housing. Also, in making the move to Moab, I literally was starting over when it came to employment. Read how this family realized homeownership

Policy update

The House of Representatives Appropriations Committee has reported its final funding numbers for next fiscal year. In spite of using a pretty aggressive budget number, the House is only increasing the self-help account from $30 to $32 million. Read more

Building the future by restoring the past

A little more than a year after Administrative Notice 4831 Guidance for Acquisition and Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation Projects was released, there is still strong interest in the rehab component of the self-help program. Nationwide, there are eight organizations actively administering an acquisition program and 12 organizations participating in an owner occupied model. Read more

How to fill out SF-270, Request for Advance or Reimbursement

One of the most common forms in the self-help program is the SF-270 Request for Advance or Reimbursement.This is a required form and will be included in every 523 draw down for funds. Essentially, this form provides basic information about the grantee and financial information through the date of the reporting period. See samples of a completed form

Dear Sher

I just have a quick question about the Unnumbered Letter from April 15 regarding self-help grantees and certified loan application packagers/intermediaries ordering appraisals. Does the appraiser have to be on the Rural Development approved list of appraisers? Read Dear Sher here

News you can use!

Section 502 Direct temporary authorizations for fiscal year 2019

On April 15 the following temporary authorizations were granted under the Single Family Housing (SFH) direct programs:

  • A transaction that is normally processed as a new rates and terms assumption should be processed as an initial loan.
  • The agency will accept appraisals ordered by self-help grantees and certified loan application packagers/intermediaries.

Refer to the subject Unnumbered Letter (UL) for details and requirements related to the above temporary authorizations that expire on September 30.

**Pictured above are Murice and his wife, Valencia, son Jedidiah and daughter, Jaidah. Photo taken by Murice Miller.

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