Homeownership options

Who we are

We support nonprofit agencies to develop affordable housing by providing training, resources, and technical assistance to increase homeownership for low- and very low-income people.

Homeownership to Increase Racial and Wealth Equity Initiative

Through the Homeownership to Increase Racial and Wealth Equity (HIRWE) initiative, RCAC will offer training, technical assistance, and resources to our existing and potential partners. The goal is to increase access to affordable homeownership for Indigenous households and households of color by building local capacity with our participating partners.

For more details download the FLYER and/or APPLICATION.

To contact the homeownership housing staff email Homeownership@rcac.org.

Washington Rural Homeownership Technical Assistance

RCAC has a contract with the Washington State Department of Commerce to provide technical assistance to rural communities to develop affordable homeownership projects. This includes preconstruction technical assistance services to eligible recipients seeking to construct, rehabilitate, or finance affordable homeownership for very low and low-income persons.

For more details download the FLYER.

To contact the homeownership housing staff or to receive an application for technical assistance, contact Homeownership@rcac.org.

USDA 502 Direct Packaging Intermediary

RCAC is an approved USDA 502 Direct Intermediary working with a network of Qualified Employers and Certified Packagers. For more information visit the RCAC USDA 502 Direct Packaging page HERE. 

Are you interested in owning a home?

RCAC does not provide homeownership directly, RCAC is an intermediary and quality assurance reviewer of packaged loan applications for USDA’s Section 502 Single Family Housing Direct Loan Program. USDA 502 Direct provides mortgage loans to low- and very low-income rural residents seeking homeownership, but traditional mortgage financing is out of reach. The U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development (USDA RD) Single Family Direct Loan Program (502 direct loans) is an affordable alternative that provides subsidized mortgage loans for modest homes in rural areas. The applicants are generally first-time homebuyers. To determine if a 502 Direct loan is a good fit, you can take a quick eligibility assessment for yourself and the area you want to purchase a home online at:  https://eligibility.sc.egov.usda.gov/eligibility/welcomeAction.do?pageAction=assessmentType.

RCAC does not package loan applications directly, however we do work with a network of certified packagers.  If after taking the eligibility assessment you are interested in working with a packager that can provide individual assistance for you, please click HERE. Please note that there is a packaging fee when working with a certified packager.