IACC Tribal outreach project

Project description

The Infrastructure Assistance Coordinating Council (IACC) Tribal outreach project uses a personal contact outreach method to encourage Tribes and Tribal representatives from the state of Washington to join in the infrastructure finance conversation.

The IACC Tribal outreach subcommittee has developed a survey that is used to focus educational opportunities at the annual IACC Infrastructure Funding Conference. The EFC has partnered with the IACC to deliver the survey, develop Tribal specific infrastructure funding materials and conference welcome packet, and to host a conference welcome reception for Tribal representatives. The goal of this project is to encourage Tribes to participate in the IACC Infrastructure Funding Conference to foster infrastructure finance dialog.

The IACC Infrastructure Funding Conference is the infrastructure funding event in Washington. Participating in the conference provides attendees with access to all infrastructure funders, educational sessions and networking opportunities and, if requested, allows for a project specific Tech Team meeting. During a Tech Team meeting, the community describes their project and infrastructure funding needs to funders and technical assistance (TA) providers. The funders and TA providers then provide immediate and direct technical assistance regarding methods to move the project forward including funding opportunities and next steps or action items.

Attending the IACC conference leads to a higher level of understanding regarding infrastructure finance, including funding opportunities and funder requirements, which helps utilities obtain financing to repair, improve, or update to more efficient infrastructure.