Tribal source water protection project

Project description

Source Water Protection Plan Template – The EFC will develop a source water/wellhead protection plan template that is culturally appropriate for Tribal water systems. This template will be available here and on the EFC website. Printed copies will be available in limited quantities.

Source Water Protection Plan Training – The EFC will facilitate two training sessions in EPA Region 10 for Tribal water system staff that emphasize the importance and benefits of source water/wellhead protection. These training sessions will occur at Native American Water Master Association (NAWMA) gatherings in EPA Region 10, and the EFC will leverage other funding sources to support the NAWMA gatherings.

Source Water Protection Plan Technical Assistance – The EFC will provide one-on-one technical assistance to three Tribal water systems in EPA Region 10. The EFC will train the system staff on the use of the template and assist the systems to complete a source water/well head protection plan.